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The Best Commercial Coffee Roasters of 2024 You Need to Know

  • by Reycah Elarmo
  • 12 min read

So, you're in the market for the best commercial coffee roasters? Let me tell you, that's not a decision to take lightly. The roaster you pick is like a business partner; it can either enhance your coffee game or leave you with a bitter taste. Your customers won't settle for mediocre brews, and neither should you.

Best Commercial Coffee Roasters of 2024

Running a coffee shop, a bustling café, being a seasoned coffee roaster, or aspiring to make a mark in the coffee world as an entrepreneur, your roaster's quality can be the pivotal factor in your success.

This article is your one-stop guide to finding the perfect roasting companion. We'll dig into what matters: performance, durability, price, and those extra bells and whistles that can set you apart from the competition.

We know the choices out there can be overwhelming, so we're also throwing in some nifty comparisons and spot-on recommendations. Let's go on this quest and find you the best commercial coffee roaster that'll have your customers coming back for more!

Getting to Know Commercial Coffee Roasters

A commercial coffee roaster is essentially an upgraded version of those small roasters you might see in someone's home kitchen but built to handle higher volumes and offer more control.

Suppose you're running a café or any establishment that needs a steady flow of top-notch coffee. In that case, you'll need a machine that's both high-capacity and capable of delivering quality roasts.

So, why all this fuss about different types and methods? Commercial roasters can be gas or electrically-powered and use techniques like "drum roasters" or "fluid bed roasters" to ensure your beans are well-roasted. It's all about finding the right machine that fits your needs and setting.

Now that we've set the stage, are you ready to select the perfect roaster for your establishment? Let's move ahead!

Exploring the Range of Commercial Coffee Roaster Options

Choosing the right commercial coffee roaster is a big deal and a decision that can shape your business. To make sure you're making the best call, let's discuss a few key things you've got to keep in mind.

Small Batch Coffee Roasting Machines

Are you roasting coffee beans just for the sheer joy of it, or are you looking to produce those small batches to distribute or gift to your coffee-loving buddies?

Depending on your goal, you're going to need different machines. If you're in it to make small batches, you'll want to lean toward coffee roasters that can handle that sort of volume and still keep things primo on the quality front.

Gas-Powered vs. Electric Coffee Roasters

Think of it like choosing between a manual and automatic car; both will get you from point A to B, but the experience is different.

Gas-powered roasters? These will give you incredible control over the roast—like how chefs love their gas stoves for that spot-on heat control. While electric roasters are your "plug-and-play" option. Easy to use and convenient, but maybe not as nuanced as the gas-powered coffee roasters.

Computer-Controlled Coffee Roasters

Tech has invaded the coffee-roasting world, too, and it's pretty cool. You've got roasters with computer-controlled systems that make everything streamlined and consistent. It sounds perfect if you're into "set it and forget it," but here's the catch: sometimes, automation means you give up a bit of that hands-on flair.

If you're the type who loves tinkering with flavor profiles and roast levels, you might feel a bit restricted with a fully computerized system. But if you want a blend of both worlds, some models allow for manual overrides—so keep an eye out for that!

Top Commercial Coffee Roasting Machines for 2024

Bideli 1 kg Coffee Roaster

Bideli 1kg Coffee Roaster

Are you on the hunt for efficient and space-savvy commercial coffee roaster machines? Your search ends here with the Bideli 1kg Coffee Roaster. This versatile equipment has options for both gas power and electricity. What makes it awesome? Let's break it down.


This coffee roasting machine is designed to give you even, efficient roasts without guzzling fuel or electricity. It has a double-walled drum, manual flame adjustments, and hot air adjustments, letting you tweak your roast to perfection. What's the range? A versatile 100g to 1500g, so if you're a home enthusiast or own a small cafe, this roaster is your ticket to Flavor Town.


The Bideli 1kg is a workhorse built for the long haul. With its low-maintenance design, you won't be stuck on the phone with customer service or fiddling with complicated repairs. Plus, it has a reassuring 1-year warranty, so you can roast with peace of mind.


While you might find other commercial coffee roasters attractive with its lower price range of $1,500 to $2,000, it's essential to consider the comprehensive set of features that come with the Bideli 1kg Coffee Roaster.

Priced between $4,500 and $6,500, the Bideli isn't just about a higher price tag. The cost reflects the machine's superior quality, durability, and advanced capabilities. If you're looking for top-of-the-line coffee roasting equipment, the Bideli 1kg is an excellent choice that justifies the investment.

Additional Features

We’re talking extra goodies like a user-friendly control panel and a manual damper for precise airflow control. Want to track your roast like a pro? Use the USB Data Logger that's compatible with Artisan Software. And let's not forget the quick 1-2 minute cooling feature because who wants to wait around for their coffee beans to cool?


  • Small-Batch Versatility: Ideal for boutique coffee shops or home enthusiasts keen on experimenting with small-batch roasting.

  • Compact Size: Takes up less space, making it perfect for confined work environments.

  • Cost-Effective: Lower price point makes it accessible for small businesses or personal use.

  • Easy to Operate: Simplified controls can be more inviting for newcomers to the coffee roasting world.


  • Limited Capacity: A 1kg maximum roasting size can be a bottleneck for businesses looking to scale.

  • Fewer Advanced Features: May lack some of the high-tech bells and whistles of larger commercial models.

Bideli 6kg Commercial Coffee Roaster - Manual Version

Bideli 6kg Commercial Roaster - Manual Version

The Bideli 6kg Commercial Coffee Roaster - Manual Version is the solution you've been looking for if you want a commercial coffee roasting machine that sets the bar and raises your coffee game.


With its half-direct fire and half-hot air system, this roaster brings you a dark roast in 15-18 minutes. Its double-walled drum and thermal radiation tech ensure even roasting every single time. The rapid cooling feature also locks in the aroma, courtesy of a powerful cooling fan motor and a cooler with a mixer.


Constructed from top-grade materials, this roaster is compact and incredibly durable. Think stainless steel cooling tray, hopper, drum, and carbon steel machine body. This roasting machine is designed to withstand heavy usage for over 30 years. Yes, that's three decades of coffee-roasting bliss.


Depending on how fancy you get with customizations, you might be eyeing other roasters which can set you back a cool $25,000 or more.

The Bideli 6kg Commercial Coffee Roaster rolls in at a way more approachable $15,000 to $18,000. You're not giving up anything in terms of quality or features. So, if you want top-of-the-line roasting action without blowing up your budget, the Bideli is a serious contender.

Additional Features

This machine comes loaded with extra features designed to make your life easier. We're talking adjustable front bearings for easy maintenance, wheeled legs for effortless movement, and multiple safety systems, including a control system that stops heating if temperatures get too high.

Need more?

There are options for USB Data Logging for Artisan Software and a Vacuum Pressure Gauge. And you get to choose between cast iron and double-walled carbon steel drums to suit your roasting preferences.


  • High Capacity: Suitable for larger operations with a 6 kg batch size.

  • Advanced Tech: Double-walled drum and advanced heating systems allow for even, consistent roasting.

  • Long Lifespan: Designed to last for 30+ years of heavy usage.

  • Safety Features: Comes equipped with a control system that adds an extra layer of safety.


  • High Cost:One of the more expensive models on the market.

  • Requires Expertise: The manual version may require a skilled operator for optimal use.

Santoker R3 Pro Automatic Coffee Roaster - 3kg/Batch

Santoker R3 Pro Automatic Coffee Roaster - 3kg/Batch

The Santoker R3 Pro Automatic Coffee Roaster meets and surpasses your expectations. This impressive machine is an award-winner for a reason! Let's dig into the details.


First things first—this machine truly packs a punch regarding performance. You've got options galore—gas or electric, your choice! Either way, you're getting a roaster that can simultaneously roast and cool, equipped with a separated chaff cyclone for effective chaff removal.

Roast a modest 500g or go all out with 3200g – this machine has you taken care of. Manual or automatic types are available, giving you total control over airflow, gas pressure, and temperatures.


The Santoker R3 Pro is like the Superman of commercial coffee roasters—strong and built to last. We're talking high-grade stainless steel cooling trays, premium motors, and insulation layers that keep the heat where it should be: inside the drum.


Don't let the $13,000 to $15,000 price tag scare you away from this gem of a machine. When you stack it up against its rival, the Diedrich IR-3, which goes for $22,000 to $25,000, the Santoker R3 Pro suddenly looks like a real bargain.

We're talking the same high-quality roasting and similar batch sizes, but for a whole lot less cash. So, if you're all about getting top-notch roasting without emptying your pockets, the Santoker R3 Pro is a no-brainer.

Additional Features

The Santoker R3 Pro has bonus features to make your roasting experience even more fabulous. We're talking about a real-time temperature display, a sight glass, a sampler spoon, and even a burner window glass. A 2-in-1 Mobile Phone, Bluetooth, and Computer USB work with Artisan Software for data logging. The auxiliary LED lamp with a magnifying glass ensures you miss nothing while roasting coffee beans.


  • Automatic Control: Simplifies the roasting process, ideal for achieving consistency in larger batches.

  • Versatile: A 3 kg per hour batch capability offers both small and medium-sized businesses a good balance.

  • High-Grade Components: Quality materials and construction ensure durability and longevity.

  • Advanced Features: Offers many modern features like self-ignition and high-grade insulation.


  • Pricey: Higher cost due to the advanced features and automatic controls.

  • Learning Curve: It might require some time to master all the advanced features.

Santoker R1.5 Pro Automatic Coffee Roaster - 2kg/Batch

Santoker R1.5 Pro Automatic Coffee Roaster - 2kg/Batch

The Santoker R1.5 Pro Automatic Coffee Roaster - 2kg/Batch is the modern marvel you've been waiting for if you own a cozy small cafe or an enthusiastic home roaster. Let's explore what makes this coffee roasting machine an authentic innovator in the coffee industry.


The Santoker R1.5 is an award-winning roaster that can handle batches from 500g up to 2000g. With its real-time temperature displays and adjustable heat control, you’re in the driver’s seat. The roaster lets you roast your coffee bean and cool at the same time, which is a huge time-saver. And the manual controls of airflow mean you can really dig into the nuances of your coffee flavor.


The Santoker R1.5 comes with a high-grade insulation layer that keeps the heat exactly where it needs to be - inside the drum. It has four robust motors that control everything from the drum to cooling. This machine is built to last with a superb stainless steel cooling tray.


A comparable model to the Santoker R1.5 Pro Automatic Coffee Roaster would be the Probatino 2kg Coffee Roaster. The Probatino is priced between $16,000 and $19,000, which is considerably higher than the Santoker's price range of $12,000 to $14,000.

Both roasters offer similar batch sizes and features, but the Santoker R1.5 Pro delivers top-notch performance and durability, making it a wise investment for those seeking a balance between cost and capabilities. So, the Santoker R1.5 Pro emerges as the more budget-friendly yet high-quality option.

Additional Features

Lastly, we've got to talk about all the little extras that make this roaster a real standout. Like the LED magnifying glass for those of us who love to scrutinize our beans or the one-key machine warming up function for when you're in a hurry.

It’s available in gas and electric, so it’s versatile to fit your needs. This machine also works with Artisan Software for Data Logging, accessible via Bluetooth and USB. So, you can easily keep track of your roasting profiles and replicate that perfect batch repeatedly.


  • Award-Winning Design: Noted for its superior design and performance.

  • Simultaneous Roasting and Cooling: Efficiently uses time, speeding up production.

  • Quality Construction: Excellent quality stainless steel tray adds to its durability.

  • User-Friendly: Simplified controls make it accessible.


  • Smaller Capacity: At 2 kg, it may not be suitable for all commercial needs.

  • Higher Cost: Premium features come at a premium price.

Golden Roasters GR3 Mini 3kg Coffee Roaster

Golden Roasters GR3 Mini 3kg Roaster

The Golden Roasters GR3 Mini 3kg Coffee Roaster is one of the best commercial coffee roasters that does the job with flair. Check out what makes it your next best business partner or home essential.


The GR3 Mini lets you control everything—airflow, temperature, roast coffee profiles, and more. This machine will suit your needs whether you want a light roast or a dark one. Oh, and it has options! You can go manual or fully automatic, with a neat pneumatic system on the gates. And it's got simultaneous cooling and roasting, so you’re maximizing your output without skipping a beat.


The GR3 Mini is pretty much the Iron Man of coffee roasters. Because this machine boasts high-quality construction with modern manufacturing processes and minimal tolerances. Its carbon steel drum design ensures optimal heat transfer, while the whole-body heat insulation keeps that precious heat in, enhancing your roasting quality. And to sprinkle in some extra peace of mind, it comes with a 4-year warranty!


The Mill City Roasters 3KG Roaster is a noteworthy competitor in terms of features. Priced between $14,000 to $16,000, it's a bit more expensive than the Golden Roasters GR3 Mini, which ranges from $11,000 to $13,000. Both offer similar functionalities. But the Golden Roasters GR3 Mini offers comparable performance at a more budget-friendly price, making it an excellent value option.

Additional Features

Just when you thought this roaster couldn't get any better, it does. We’re talking USB and wireless PC connections, compatibility with Artisan and Cropster software, and an audible warning system for temperature milestones. Safety-wise, it has CE and UL certifications, an emergency button, and independent thermocouples. And let's not forget about the special design for easy maintenance and the advanced CAD design of all parts.


  • Compact Yet Powerful: Despite its "Mini" label, it offers a decent 3 kg batch size.

  • Easy to Use:Designed with user-friendly controls and features.

  • Quality Build: Made with high-grade materials for longevity.

  • Advanced Tech: PC connectivity and advanced CAD design offer a modern touch.


  • Price Point: It's a significant investment for its size.

  • Limited Advanced Features: This may lack some extra features in larger commercial models.

The Topmost Pick for Professional Coffee Roasting

Let's get to the fun stuff now: our recommendations are based on all those essential factors we've covered. At this point, you should have a pretty good idea of what you're looking for. But if you're still undecided, here's our top pick to help you make the best choice possible.

Golden Roasters GR5 5kg Coffee Roaster

GR5 5kg

The best coffee roaster that checks all the boxes! The Golden Roasters GR5 5kg Coffee Roaster is an all-star in the roasting game. It brings you top-notch heat efficiency, so your coffee beans are roasted how you like them. It's built like a tank, featuring high-quality Italian-made motors and gearboxes.

You get to control everything—airflow, flame intensity, drum speed. And it's compatible with popular roasting software, so you can geek out on all the data. The GR5 is the real deal for a seasoned pro or someone just getting into the coffee roasting business.


The Golden Roasters GR5 doesn't disappoint. With superior heat efficiency and user-friendly controls, you get precise and accurate roasting every time. Imagine beans roasted to perfection with rich, complex flavors and intoxicating aromas. You can also simultaneously cool and roast for maximum output. And with an audible warning feature, you’ll know when the machine reaches your set temperature for a roasting time.


This machine is constructed to stand the test of time. High-quality Italian-made 3-phase motors and gearboxes with long-life bearings make this a hardy machine. The carbon steel slippery drum coffee roaster design ensures optimal heat transfer, while the whole-body heat insulation keeps the heat inside the drum. This investment will keep delivering outstanding roasts for years to come.


The Diedrich IR-5 offers similar features to the Golden Roasters GR5 but has a steeper price tag, ranging from $20,000 to $23,000. The GR5 is priced between $12,000 and $14,000 and offers the same 5kg roasting capacity and high-quality performance but at a more wallet-friendly price, making it a compelling option.

Additional Features

This isn’t just one of those coffee roasters; it's a high-tech machine! You can connect it to your PC via a USB cable or wireless. It’s compatible with Artisan and Cropster software for those who love getting technical.

You're in control with the ability to adjust airflow, flame intensity, and drum speed easily. The GR5 also comes in three versions—Manual, Auto, and Full Auto—each offering different levels of automation to suit your needs.

This machine is CE and UL certified, with built-in safety features like a gas security system and an emergency button. It comes with a 4-year warranty for spare parts and a lifetime service warranty.


  • High Performance: Exceptional heat efficiency and control features for diverse roasting profiles.

  • Versatile:Three versions available (Manual, Auto, Full Auto) to suit different needs.

  • Excellent Durability: Top-grade construction materials and 4-year warranty.

  • Heat Insulation: Effective heat insulation for better roasting quality and energy savings.


  • Costly: A considerable upfront investment.

  • Complexity: The full Auto version may require an air compressor and can be complex to operate.

Final Considerations on Your Roaster Selection

coffee roasting equipment

Choosing the best commercial coffee roaster can be challenging, but hopefully, this article has provided useful information to make the process easier. Every factor is crucial in delivering that perfect cup of coffee. The options are diverse, and there's something for everyone.

Remember, it's not just about the price or size but the overall efficiency, durability, and additional features that can make your roasting experience a cut above the rest.

Don't hold back in making your decision. Transform your coffee dreams into reality by checking out our exceptional range of top-tier coffee roasters. For those craving deeper insights and expert tips, we have everything you need in our CoffeeRoast Co. blog, helping you choose the roaster that aligns with your coffee aspirations. 

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Tom Bruccoleri

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Tom Bruccoleri

Tom Bruccoleri

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Please send information on commercial coffee roasters.

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