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Have the Perfect Coffee Experience with CoffeeRoast Co.'s Flexible Financing Options

  • by Justine Yu
  • 4 min read

Like us, nothing gets you fired up quite like a freshly roasted brew of java.

Now you’ve got your eye on some of ourcoffee roasting tech for your home or business.

You know it’s an investment, except you can’t quite stretch to paying for it upfront. We get it.

Coffee Roast Co. Flexible Financing Options

At CoffeeRoast Co., we’re on a mission to makecoffee roasting more accessible, affordable, and convenient for all.

That’s why we’ve partnered with several big name lenders to bring you a whole range of financing options.



  • Boost your spending power - snag the roasting stuff you want without having to wait and save like crazy for months or years.

  • Handy financing - apply on the spot without ever leaving the CoffeeRoast Co. store.

  • Pay only the asking price - most of our financing options won’t set you back a single dime in interest or fees. Not to mention mostly requiring just a soft credit check so won’t impact your credit rating.

  • Maximize your budget - spread the cost over time, and use the extra cash at your disposal to score yourgreen coffee beans and any accessories.

  • Start earning - for small/medium coffee businesses, generate revenue straight away to fund future repayments.

All that plus benefit from our competitive pricing, complimentary shipping, promo codes,price match guarantee, and more.



Klarna logo

Started up in Sweden some two decades ago, Klarna is a fintech giant who provide payment solutions for e-commerce stores.

Massively popular, they serve over 150 million customers and 450,000 vendors in 45 countries.

Among other financial solutions, Klarna offer a trio of Buy Now, Pay Later schemes:

Klarna ‘Pay in 4’

  • Four equal payments over 6 weeks - 25% down at the time of purchase, then each of the remaining three installments every two weeks

  • No interest or fees so long as you pay on time

  • No penalties for repaying an installment early or settling the balance in full before it’s due

Klarna ‘Pay in 30 Days’

  • Try before you buy - no need to part with a nickel at checkout

  • Full payment invoiced 30 days after your order ships

  • Zero percent APR and no added charges if settled by the due date

Klarna ‘Monthly Financing’

  • Regular borrowing plan with APR up to 29.99% (19.99% being the norm)

  • xMonthly repayments over 6 to 36 months starting from when your order is shipped

  • No deposit down and no annual fee

Why Klarna?

  • Famously smooth checkout process

  • Short and simple credit application with an instant decision

  • Personal and financial details stored and transmitted securely

  • Buyer protection and zero-fraud liability policies

  • Exclusive rewards program (‘Vibe’) with a welcome bonus of five bucks upon signing up



PayPal logo

Originally part of eBay, PayPal’s grown to become the mother of all digital payment systems.

Trusted by nearly half a billion customers and tens of millions of merchants across the planet.

More familiar as an online payment gateway or for wiring money, PayPal also  offer a couple different types of financing:

PayPal ‘Pay in 4’

  • Good for any merch priced from 30 to 1500 dollars

  • Four equal installments - 25% down payment at checkout, then each of the remaining three payments every fortnight

  • Free of interest with no late or sign-up fees, ever

PayPal Credit

  • Suitable for purchases costing $199 to $10,000

  • Reusable line of credit linked to your PayPal account

  • Pay in full within six months and it won’t cost you a dime extra in interest or fees

Why PayPal?

  • Easy-to-use interface

  • Answer a few quick questions and know in moments if you’re approved for financing

  • With no card details to enter, checkout in just a few clicks

  • Personal information kept safe and transactions highly secure

  • Purchase protection on eligible purchases



After taking the e-commerce world by storm, the Shopify platform let loose with their very own payment processing service - - Shopify Payments.

Other than using Shop Pay for paying in full with a bank card, literally millions of shoppers now prefer Shop Pay Installments:

Shop Pay Installments ‘Pay in 4’

  • For orders totalling $50 to $999.99 (inclusive of any discounts, shipping, and taxes)

  • Four installment plan - - initial payment at checkout, followed by three biweekly repayments

  • Interest free and no other fees or penalties

Shop Pay Installments ‘Pay Monthly’

  • For orders coming to between $150 and $17,500

  • Short-term loan interest ranges from 10% to 36% APR

  • Minimum monthly repayments paid over 3, 6, or 12 months with the first payment at the time of purchase

  • Never any late fees or hidden charges

Why Shopify/Shop Pay?

  • Built right into the CoffeeRoast Co. website

  • Accelerated checkout process

  • Do their bit for the environment by planting trees to offset carbon emissions from deliveries (Shop Pay Sustainability)

  • Payment information is encrypted end-to-end, and securely vaulted on Shopify’s Payment Card Industry [PCI]-compliant servers



  1. Add the item(s) you want to your shopping cart and enter any order notes. Then click through to the secure checkout page.

  2. Type in your contact information, shipping address and apply any discount codes, before continuing to the shipping page.

  3. Choose your preferred shipping method and continue to the payment page.

  4. Pick from whichever of Klarna, PayPal, or Shop Pay best suits your needs. If prompted, confirm your billing address too. Next, press the pay button in order to apply for financing.

  5. If successful, simply select your chosen financer as a payment method and hit the order button.

  6. The minute we’ve processed your order, we’ll arrange to ship out your goods.



Thanks to a host of on-demand financing options, ourcoffee roasters,bean grinders, and otherroasting kit are now within affordable reach of just about anybody. Snap ‘em up today and, often without added fees, simply pay over time. Just borrow responsibly and always review the small print of the credit agreement before accepting.

Got any questions or concerns about financing coffee roasting equipment through us? If so, don’t hesitate to give us a call on+1 312-298-9262 or use our real-time chat anytime between 9AM and 5PM CST Monday to Friday. Else, drop us an email or fire us amessage.

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